What Makes Lakeside Different?
Mooresville is filled with Churches. For this We praise God and rejoice. But this begs the question of why would anyone visit our Church among so many?

Our vision is for true revival of the American Church. True revival only comes from the Lord and cannot be dreamed up or drummed up by man. Therefore, we are committed to God's ordained method of ministry, preaching the inerrant and inspired Word of the Living God from cover to cover without compromise, in love, and we pray empowered by the Holy Spirit. You won't find a rock band here, no smoke, no lasers no gimmicks. But we pray you will find a Church seeking to be transformed by the Word of God instead  
of conformed to the ways of a lost and dying World. 
(Romans 12:1-2)

We believe God has called us to be a voice of Truth crying out in a desert wasteland of political correctness and confusion. Come and join us as we seek to glorify our Triune God this Sunday